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Booster Shot blog main 
What to Know About Potential COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Shots

Moderna and Pfizer both announced they are researching whether a booster shot six to 12 months following the initial two-dose COVID-19 vaccine will offer lasting protection. While the studies are still ongoing, experts at the University of Pittsburgh don’t find it surprising that a booster shot may be necessary. 

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Breast Ca Over 70 feature

The rate of cancer recurrence or survival may be no different in older women diagnosed with early breast cancer whether they are treated or not.


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WOC disparities blog feature

Black obstetrician-gynecologists, midwives and members of the UPMC family come together to highlight the current state of affairs for pregnant women of color.

GSPH Dean Vax2 blog feature
After receiving her COVID-19 vaccine, Dr. Maureen Lichtveld, dean of Pitt Public Health, posed with a Pittsburgh legend: Dr. Jonas Salk.