UPMC Living Donor Information Session

UPMC Living Donor Information Session

When a loved one is waiting for a transplant, his or her life hangs in the balance and the road to recovery may be difficult. As a Living Donor Champion, your job is to provide support for the person in need throughout the entire journey and to take the lead in finding and securing a suitable living donor.

A living donor may be closer than you realize. It could even be someone you already know. However, only about one in four people evaluated are suitable candidates for living donation. That’s why you need to connect with as many people as possible and continue to share your loved one’s story.

The UPMC Living Donor Champion program is designed to support you as you search for a living donor for your loved one.

Host a Living Donor Information Session in Your Community

Share your loved one’s story by hosting a Living Donor Champion Information Session in his or her community. Family members, friends, and neighbors are invited to attend and learn about the need for a living-donor liver transplant, the donation process, and the criteria and steps to becoming a living donor.

To help make your event a success, the UPMC Living Donor Transplant team will provide:

  • Material to help plan and promote your event
  • Talking points and background information about living donor transplants
  • Information regarding how to register to become a living donor for anyone who would like to help

In addition, a member of the UPMC Living Donor Transplant team will attend your event to provide education and answer questions about the living donation process.

Learn more about your role as a Champion by downloading the Living Donor Champion Toolkit (PDF).

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