Run With Us | Pittsburgh Marathon 2021
Run With Us | Pittsburgh Marathon 2021

Run With Us

Ready to run with us in person this marathon weekend? We can’t wait to see you at the marathon, half marathon, or marathon relay on May 1st – or at the UPMC Health Plan / UPMC Sports Medicine Pittsburgh 5K Run, kid’s marathon, toddler trot, or pet walk on April 30th!

We're long-standing official partners of the Pittsburgh Marathon, with the expertise to help you train, prevent injuries, treat common running conditions, and stay fit year-round.

Whether you're interested in our running services or tips to succeed on race day, you've come to the right place. We wish you the best of luck!

Tips for Mental Toughness and Motivation

Runners Who Trusted Us With Their Care

New Offerings in Sports Performance Training

Ron DeAngelo, MEd, LAT, FAFS, director of sports performance at UPMC Sports Medicine has worked in sports performance since it first gained popularity in the 1990s, and he’s continually incorporated the latest practices in the industry to optimize sports performance ever since. Our program strives to enhance human movement and correct imbalances in sports and in life, and we have offerings specifically geared toward runners.

1. Breath Control

Ron is an Advanced instructor through Oxygen Advantage®, offering:

  • High altitude training – helping to delay fatigue, improve respiratory strength, and lower running times.
  • Functional breathing training – incorporating nose breathing while running to reduce breathlessness, improve posture, and help prevent exercise-induced asthma.*
*Ask Ron how functional breathing can also help you if you’re experiencing post-COVID symptoms, hoping to get a better night’s sleep, or looking to increase concentration and performance at your work station.

2. Soft Tissue Hygiene

Soft tissue hygiene training can help athletes looking to meet or exceed their pre-injury performance goals and everyday people wanting to improve their strength and range of motion. Sessions through UPMC Sports Performance can help you:

  • Release tension in the neck and shoulders.
  • Relieve pain or tightness in the back with breathing techniques.
  • Expand and preserve hip motion.
  • Stretch the wrists to help prevent conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Point and flex the feet to loosen and relax the ankles.

UPMC Sports Medicine can help runners of all ages and experience levels recover from injury and improve performance. To learn more or schedule an appointment with an expert, please call 1-855-937-7678 or complete our contact form.

Running Assessment: For Runners at All Levels

Whether you are a casual neighborhood runner or an experienced marathon runner, our personalized running assessments can help you understand how to run efficiently, avoid injury, and train successfully for better overall performance and form. Learn more about this program.

General Running Assessment

Running Assessment for Beginning Runners

Running Assessment for Advanced Runners

Access to Specialized Services

Running Services

  • Diagnostic Running Evaluation
  • Running Gait Analysis
  • Running Musculoskeletal Screening
  • Functional Movement Assessment
  • Soft Tissue Hygiene Training
  • Functional Breathing Training
  • High Altitude Training
  • Nutrition Assessment
  • Customized Nutritional Programming
  • Orthotics Fabrication

Sports Medicine Services

  • ACL Program
  • Athletic Training
  • Concussion Services
  • Imaging Services
  • Performance Services
  • Physician Services
  • Physical Therapy
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Young Athlete Program

UPMC Sports Medicine Locations

Minutes Matter

On race day, minutes matter. Minutes also matter in emergency situations.

UPMC launched Minutes Matter to provide community members with access to basic emergency information and education about life-saving interventions.

Learn more about this initiative.

UPMC Health Plan

Here's the Plan

Check out UPMC Health Plan's MyHealth Matters blog for the latest ideas on how to eat well, get fit, be healthy, and live happily.

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Health Coaching

This program is special perk for UPMC Health Plan members that can take your marathon prep to the next level.

Learn more about our Health Coaching program.