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Sports Performance Strength and Conditioning Programs

At UPMC Sports Medicine, our sports performance and fitness programs strive to enhance human movement and correct imbalances in sports and life.

From movement assessments to sport-specific training, we have the right program to help both individuals and teams improve their athletic skills.

Sports Performance

Functional movement assessment ($135)

UPMC Sports Performance experts believe an in-depth functional movement assessment (FMA) can help find problems that are keeping athletes from reaching their peak. Then, we can provide ways to increase athletic performance.

We use the data from the FMA to create a safe, scientifically based strength and conditioning program that fits each athlete's unique needs. 

Performance assessment

  • 40/60 yard dash (electronic timing system)
  • Broad jump
  • Pro-Agility drill
  • L-drill
  • Vertical jump

Additional assessments

We also offer a performance assessment profile.   

For more information on sports performance training, view our FASTEST Program.

Fitness Program

UPMC Sports Performance can help you reach your fitness goals using a functional assessment that looks at the body’s three planes of motion.

Our fitness program consists of exercises to:

  • Improve flexibility
  • Increase strength
  • Improve power output
  • Increase core strength
  • Prevent injuries

We offer one-on-one or group sports performance training and conditioning

Our scientifically based program will help you:

  • Increase strength and the rate of force production.
  • Improve flexibility and core strength.

Individual sessions

  • 30-minute session: $45
  • 1-hour session: $75
  • 4 sessions: $285 ($71.25/session)
  • 8 sessions: $540 ($67.50/session)
  • 12 sessions: $765 ($63.75/session)
  • 24 sessions: $1440 ($60/session)

Youth sessions

  • 1x/week (4 total sessions) $100
  • 2x/week (8 total sessions) $160
  • 3x/week (12 total sessions) $180

Group Sessions

  • Elite Runners/Team Sports $275 ($17/session) *invite only*
    • 1 day with Ron DeAngelo
    • 3 days semi-private
    • 16 total sessions 
  • Elite Runners/Team Sports $250 ($20/session) *invite only*
    • 1 day with Ron DeAngelo 
    • 2 days semi-private 
    • 12 total sessions 
  • Semi-Private Sessions $175 ($21/session)
    • 2 days/week
    • 8 total sessions 

Team training

Our experts can custom-build a team training program to help with:

  • Pre-season conditioning.
  • In-season conditioning and strength training.
  • Off-season training and conditioning. 

ACL injury prevention program

This helps our experts identify predisposing imbalances that place an athlete at risk for ACL injury and serves:

  • Athletes who are at least four months out of ACL reconstruction surgery.
  • Prepubescent athletes who have ruptured their ACL but are too young to have surgery.
  • Adults who have elected not to have surgery to repair a torn ACL.
  • Athletes who want to reduce their risk of ACL injury.

Sports Performance Location and Experts

The UPMC Sports Performance Program has a full-service location:

UPMC Rooney Sports Complex
3200 S. Water St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15203
Get directions to the UPMC Rooney Sports Complex.

Our sports performance experts:

  • Ron DeAngelo, MEd, LAT, FAFS
  • Colleen Rosensteel, MESS, CSCS
  • Sam Pitcairn, USAW