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Your health can’t wait. How we’re making it safer to schedule appointments.

UPMC Sports Medicine

If you're an athlete looking to treat, rehabilitate, or prevent sports-related injuries, UPMC Sports Medicine can help.

Our experts use cutting-edge, science-based rehab techniques to speed recovery and restore function.

Our comprehensive sports medicine services will also help you learn how to prevent injuries while focusing on nutrition, conditioning, and sport-specific training for all ages and skill levels.

Young or old, pro or amateur, our team has the expertise, advanced technology, and specialized treatment athletes need at two world-class sports medicine facilities.

5 Simple Tips to Stay Moving at Home | UPMC HealthBeat

5 Simple Tips to Stay Moving at Home 

Add a little movement to your daily routine to help prevent a stiff neck and a tired mindset.

Read the full HealthBeat blog post.

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