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Sports Nutrition at UPMC Sports Medicine

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As an athlete — whether at the middle school, high school, college, or pro level — you have special nutrition needs. These can vary depending on peak-performance demands.

An athlete's nutritional needs are greater than those of less active people, especially for:

  • Micronutrients
  • Vitamins and minerals
  • Calories
  • Fluids

Nutrition Programs Tailored to Meet Your Sports Performance Goals

At UPMC Sports Medicine, experts in nutrition provide a valuable adjunct to the other medical services we offer.

We help athletes of all ages understand that proper fueling and hydrating are vital pieces of the performance puzzle.

And, we tailor nutrition programs for the pro and amateur athlete alike, whether your performance goal is:

  • Getting more out of workouts.
  • Achieving faster recovery times after exertion.
  • Gaining or losing weight.
  • Rehabbing an injury.
  • Relieving pain.

Our experts also offer sport-specific and female-athlete nutrition programs.

Make An Appointment With A Sports Nutritionist

To make an appointment or learn more about our nutrition services, call 724-720-3081 or email