Living-Donor Liver Transplants: Save a Life
Living-Donor Liver Transplants: Save a Life

Living-Donor Liver Transplants: Save a Life

More than 14,000 Americans are currently on the liver transplant waiting list. Many of these people will wait for a transplant for years allowing his or her disease to progress and health to decline until it could be too late.

As a living donor, you can be the life-saving solution to getting these individuals off of the waiting list and back to being healthy.

With a living-donor liver transplant, you can donate a portion of your liver, and it will regenerate, or grow back, in months.

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Become a Living Donor

If you are interested in becoming a living donor, you will be carefully evaluated to make sure you can safely donate.

A healthy donor must:

  • Be between the ages of 18 and 60
  • Be in good physical and mental health
  • Not engage in active ongoing drug or substance abuse
  • Have an unselfish desire to contribute to another person's life in a healthy way
  • Have no history of:
    • Liver disease, including cirrhosis and hepatitis B or C
    • Significant diseases involving the lung, kidney, or heart
    • Pulmonary hypertension
    • HIV
    • Active malignant cancers

Living Donor Advocate

As a living donor, you will be assigned an independent living donor advocate to support you throughout the process, answer any questions, explain the risks and rewards, and voice any of your concerns to the liver transplant team.

Why Choose UPMC’s Liver Transplant Program

The UPMC Liver Transplant Program is one of the oldest and largest in the United States allowing us to treat some of the most complex cases. When it comes to living-donor liver transplants, we are one of the top and most experienced programs in the country.

At UPMC, we understand that living donation would not be possible without the selfless decision of living donors. Therefore, as a potential donor your safety is of the utmost importance to our team and we will carefully evaluate you to make sure that it is safe for you to donate and that you are an appropriate medical match for the person you are donating to.

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