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Safety Precautions for Patients Receiving Prostate Seed Implants

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Your doctor has recommended that you receive a special type of radiation treatment called prostate seed implants. There are 3 types of seeds. After the procedure you will be told what type of seeds were implanted. Certain safety precautions must be followed after the seeds are implanted. Please share these precautions with family members who have questions about the procedure.

General Precautions

  • A condom should be worn during sexual relations for the first 2 months after the procedure.
  • Children should not sit on the patient’s lap for more than 5 minutes each day for :

             6 months following an iodine-125 implant

             2 months following a palladium-103 implant

             3 months following a cesium-131 implant

  • When possible, remain at least 3 feet away from a pregnant woman for:  

             3 months following an iodine-125 implant 

             1 month following a palladium-103 implant

             3 months following a cesium-131 implant

             Touching, shaking hands with, or kissing a pregnant woman is permissible.

  • Tableware, dishes, linen, clothing, and toilet facilities that you use may be used by others without special precautions.
  • Touching, shaking hands with, or kissing people will not make them radioactive.

The implanted seeds are metal, dull silver in color, and similar in size and shape to a grain of rice. In the extremely unlikely event that you find a seed:

  • Do not handle it with your fingers.
  • Flush the seed down the toilet.
  • Notify the Radiation Oncology Department where you received your treatment that you saw a seed and that you disposed of it.

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Revised January 2013