Comprehensive Diabetes Education and Support

Diabetes Management at UPMC

Whether you've just received a diagnosis of diabetes or have lived with diabetes for several years, UPMC can offer you care and ongoing support. Our primary care providers, specialists, and diabetes experts work together to help you stay healthy.

Diabetes Self-Management Education, available at all locations of UPMC Centers for Diabetes Education and Support, is a comprehensive educational program for people with diabetes.

Through the self-management program, you will be able to learn ways to manage your diabetes.

The program — led by a diabetes educator or dietitian — covers all aspects of diabetes self-management, such as:

  • Blood glucose monitoring
  • Insulin training
  • Medicines
  • Reducing the risk of complications
  • Healthy eating
  • Activity and exercise
  • Coping with stress and life changes
  • Community resources

The program also connects you with educators, health care professionals, and other people with diabetes who can become part of your support team.