Conditions We Treat at UPMC Department of Endocrinology


  • UPMC's board-certified endocrinologists treat people with complex diabetes. To help you manage your diabetes, they will refer you to Diabetes Self-Management Education (DSME) classes through the UPMC Diabetes Centers or to a one-on-one education visit with our diabetic educators.
  • These classes teach patients ways to self-manage diabetes and connect them with educators, health care professionals, and other people with diabetes who can become part of the support team.



  • UPMC endocrinologists offer comprehensive, individualized treatment for people with osteoporosis — with additional expertise in treating back pain, loss of height, or decreased mobility.

Pituitary, Adrenal, Reproductive, and Other Hormonal Disorders

  • Through our wide-ranging health care network of hospitals, doctors' offices, and numerous specialized treatment and surgery centers, UPMC offers treatment for the full array of hormonal disorders.

Thyroid Disorders

  • The UPMC Multidisciplinary Thyroid Center offers diagnostic and screening services, advanced surgical options for thyroid cancer, and supportive care options. The center provides access to a variety of specialists and advanced testing methods. Our coordinated approach expedites diagnosis and treatment of thyroid cancer and other thyroid diseases.