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Insurance Services Division Annual Mandatory Education for Non-Employees

Every day, the decisions and actions of UPMC staff members impact patients, communities, and the health care industry. As part of your commitment to excellence as a UPMC staff member, you are required to complete this education in order to keep you compliant with various laws, policies, and regulations, and to reaffirm our common goal to provide outstanding patient care in a positive and safe environment.

  • If you are a UPMC employee, you must complete mandatory training through Learning, in HR Direct. UPMC employees may not use the links below to access mandatory training.
  • It's important to note that after completing this test, you MUST select the "Continue" button on your passing results page to submit your completion record. This step is essential to receive credit for the course. Ensure you fill out and submit the form to receive credit for completing this education.
  • Failure to submit your completion record will result in not receiving credit, which will require you to revisit and complete the course again.

Click on a link below to begin one of the clinical mandatory training modules: