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Privacy and Security Awareness Training for Staff (Including Non-UMPC Employees)

UPMC Content 2

Under requirements of federal and state laws, health care employees must complete training related to patient privacy and information security. Nonemployees such as, students, volunteers, vendors, consultants, or contractors, are considered a part of the UPMC workforce and are required to complete privacy training.

To fulfill this requirement, the nonemployee shall perform the following:

  • Review the training a​nd complete the quiz.
  • Print the quiz.
  • Print and sign your name.
  • Provide a copy of the quiz to your clinical program director.
  • Make a copy for your personal file.

If you would like to review the manual and quiz, please select the following links:

Responsibility for Clinical Program Director

As a clinical program director, you are responsible to make sure Privacy and Security Awareness Training is completed by students who are registered in your program(s) prior to their rotation at any UPMC facility. It is your responsibility to track and maintain the quiz in the student file. UPMC may request proof of completion.