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​Physical Examinations at the Department of Family Medicine

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A physical examination is part of routine, preventive health care for adults and children. There are also many activities which require a physical exam and documentation to be completed before you are able to participate, including:

  • Employment
  • School
  • Sports
  • Driver's License
  • Camp

Our Family Medicine physicians can perform your exam and complete the form.

If you have been to see your Family Medicine physician recently you can just drop the forms by their office and they can fill them out based on the recent exam. 

If you need to have a physical, contact one of our locations to schedule an appointment.

What Will Happen During the Physical Exam?

During your exam, your doctor will evaluate your health by using special equipment to:
  • Listen to your heart
  • Listen to your lungs
  • Look into your ears, eyes, and mouth

During your exam, your family medicine doctor will check many systems of your body with simple tests and by asking you questions. The exam is your chance to discuss your overall health with your doctor, as well as ask any questions you may have.

We also conduct school and work physicals for children and adults. We will complete the forms that you need to be able to take part in the activity.

Physical Exams: Additional Resources

Visit our patient education materials library for more information about physical exams: