UPMC Heart and Vascular Institute Annual Reports

2015 Heart and Vascular Institute Outcomes Report

We are pleased to present the 2015 UPMC Heart and Vascular Report, which highlights our achievements in research and our success in implementing and pioneering new technology for better patient outcomes in cardiology, cardiac surgery, and vascular surgery throughout the past two years.

Together with our partner organization, the Pittsburgh Heart, Lung, Blood, and Vascular Medicine Institute (VMI), HVI physicians and allied practitioners are exploring new treatment pathways for some of the most complex heart and vascular disorders. This year’s report showcases a selection of our outstanding accomplishments in the lab, and how what we discover at the bench translates to the bedside.

This report also outlines how HVI experts apply novel techniques and devices – in some cases, as the first physicians to do so – to provide patients with more options for the treatment and management of many heart and vascular conditions.

We hope you enjoy learning about these exciting developments.

2013 Heart and Vascular Institute Outcomes Report

The 2013 UPMC Heart and Vascular Report focuses on key clinical areas of distinction and our collaboration between the disciplines of cardiology, cardiac surgery, and vascular surgery, as we advance new models of treatment based on a common goal of quality outcomes for our patients.

Our commitment to patient-centered care, demonstrated through the ‘heart team approach’ described in this report, provides the breadth of expertise needed to care for our patients now and into the future.