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Your Organ Transplant Surgery in Pittsburgh

When you're preparing for your transplant evaluation or transplant surgery in Pittsburgh, and do not live in the area, one of the steps of the transplant process will be arranging your stay in our city.

At UPMC Transplant Services, we help our clients make these arrangements — even those who are coming from outside the US.

We've answered some initial questions you may have when planning your visits and preparing for surgery.

If you have further questions or concerns, please call us at 1-800-544-2500.

Transplant Surgery Questions

How long will I need to be in town for my transplant evaluation at UPMC?

It depends on the type of organ transplant you need. Plan to be in Pittsburgh for three to five days, maybe more if you need more tests after your transplant evaluation.

Will I have to return for follow-up visits?

If you're on an organ transplant waiting list, you may need to return to the hospital every so often for doctors' visits.

If I get a call for a matching organ, how long do I have to get to the hospital?

When an organ becomes available, you will need to be at the hospital within a few hours for transplant surgery.

While on the organ transplant waiting, you should prepare to leave for the hospital at any time, even in the middle of the night. You should have a bag packed and know how you're going to get to the hospital.

Some volunteer organizations provide low-cost or free transport for transplant patients. If you think you may need these resources, talk to your transplant coordinator or social worker.

To make your arrival to UPMC easier, we can arrange to have a member of our Transplant Guardian Angels team meet you. Your Guardian Angel can help with many aspects of your stay, including registering when you arrive at the hospital, helping you to navigate the hospital, and serving as a point of contact between the surgical team and your family during your operation.

When I have my transplant surgery, how long will I stay in the hospital?

You will need to stay in the hospital a number of days, but this could be longer depending on your recovery time.

How long do I need to stay in Pittsburgh after my transplant?

You will need to return for frequent checkups right after your surgery. Your transplant coordinator will provide you with details, but you should make hotel or lodging arrangements ahead of time, when possible.

Hotels and Lodging During Your Stay in Pittsburgh

If you plan to stay in Pittsburgh while you wait for your organ transplant, you may want to ask your transplant financial adviser if your insurance will cover any of your travel, lodging, and meals.

Family House

UPMC offers a lower-cost lodging option for our transplant patients and their caregivers.

We partner with Family House, which offers:

  • Suites that may be more comfortable for extended stays in Pittsburgh.
  • Lower rates than most hotels.
  • Discounts for those who qualify for financial assistance.
  • Free shuttle buses to and from UPMC Montefiore.

Call Family House at 412-647-7777 to book a room or learn more.

Hotels near UPMC

If you choose to stay at a local hotel, you have several options.

The hotels below are close to restaurants and grocery stores. Some have shuttle service to UPMC and may offer UPMC hospital discounts.

Hilton Garden Inn Pittsburgh University
3454 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
(412) 683-204

Wyndham Pittsburgh University Center
100 Lytton Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
(412) 682-6200 

Hampton Inn Pittsburgh-University Center
3315 Hamlet Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
(412) 681-1000

Residence Inn Pittsburgh University/Medical Center
3896 Bigelow Boulevard
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
(412) 621-2200

Shadyside Inn All Suites Hotel
5404 Fifth Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15232
(412) 441-4444 

International Transplant Recipients

Because transplant recipients from more than 30 countries have used our services, UPMC offers specialized coordinated care.

Some of our services for international visitors include:

  • Arrangements to meet you and your family at the airport.
  • Arrangements to have a translator.
  • Arrangements for air ambulance services.
  • Education materials in your language.

If you're outside the US, and are considering or preparing for transplant surgery at UPMC, you can contact the Thomas E. Starzl Transplantation Institute to facilitate your journey and receive more information.

To contact the Starzl Institute from locations outside the United States and Canada:

By phone

Call: 01-412-647-5800 or toll free at 1-877-640-6746

By fax

Send to: 412-647-5070

By email

Send to:

By mail:

Thomas E. Starzl Transplantation Institute
Attention: Transplant Referral
UPMC Montefiore, 7 South
3459 Fifth Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15213