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Life Changing Is … A Commitment to Our People
Life Changing Is … A Commitment to Our People

Life Changing Is … A Commitment to Our People

Taking care of our patients and communities begins by taking care of our team. At UPMC, we’re passionate about and committed to investing in our entire workforce and prioritizing the benefits that are most important to people. From wages and loan forgiveness to emergency backup care and high-value health insurance, here’s how we are investing in our people personally and professionally.

UPMC is proud to offer:

An increased minimum wage

We’re raising wages to the highest of any health care system in the state of Pennsylvania. We’re instituting an $18/hour minimum wage for all employees at UPMC’s Pittsburgh and central Pennsylvania facilities by January 2025. All remaining facilities will reach that hourly rate by January 2026.

Affordable, world-class insurance

Wherever life takes you, we have you covered. Our high-quality, affordable health care options help you meet your health and wellness needs, take care of your family, protect your budget, and enjoy peace of mind. Plus, you can plan for your future confidently with comprehensive retirement planning options, earn matching contributions, access personalized investment management services, or work one-on-one with a personal financial advisor.

Paid tuition and loan forgiveness for nurses

We know the cost of higher education is intimidating, so UPMC is committed to keeping quality, innovative nursing education as affordable as possible. This includes tuition forgiveness for UPMC Schools of Nursing, loan repayment support for graduate nurses, and no-cost education options for UPMC employees.

Enhanced child and senior care benefits

We recognize the challenge and responsibility that comes with caring for the people closest to us. This new benefit assists in offsetting the cost of emergency child care and senior care services for all employees.

UPMC believes you’re at your best when receiving the support you need to live the life you want. By listening to our people and delivering the compensation and benefits that help them thrive, UPMC remains committed to our investment in our current and future employees.

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