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Health Literacy

Welcome – We’re glad you’re here.

Do you work with or care for older adults? Do you see signs of low health literacy in the people you work with?…or perhaps you’re looking for health information for yourself – you’re welcome too. You’ll find lots of helpful health care related information on our site.

Signs of Low Health Literacy

  • Frequent hospital admissions
  • Poor management of chronic health conditions
  • Frequent medication troubles
  • Frustration with their doctors and nurses

Low health literacy occurs when there is a gap between the knowledge and skills of the patient and the demands of today's healthcare system. There are tools you can use to help close that gap.

We invite caregivers, church groups, public libraries, senior centers, and any other person or organization working with older adults to take a look at the resources we've gathered. Your relationship with the people you work with can be great tool to closing the health literacy gap.

We're going to focus on these areas:

Thanks to TFEC’s Task force on Aging & Health Disparities for the support of this page. Of special note, thanks to the work of Bob Haigh and his commitment to health in our communities.