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Pharmacy services at UPMC provide outstanding patient care while supporting the growth of the practice of pharmacy locally, nationally, and globally.

The University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy partners with all UPMC residency programs to offer further opportunities in:

  • Teaching
  • Research
  • Practice sites
  • Mentorship

UPMC offers over 20 postgrad pharmacy residencies and fellowships in a range of settings with unique training at each practice site.

At UPMC Presbyterian, we have internships, residencies, and administrative fellowships to help the growth of pharmacy learners.

Pharmacy Internships We Offer

Under the basic direction of a lead pharmacist and supervision of staff pharmacists, interns receive training in pharmacy operations including:

  • IV admixtures.
  • The decentralized pharmacy model.
  • Central pharmacy operations.
  • Pharmacy satellite services
  • Supporting the delivery of pharmaceutical care to UPMC patients.

All services interns provide comply with:

  • State and federal regulations.
  • JCAHO standards.
  • The missions and policies of UPMC hospitals and departments.

To apply, please submit the standard application requirements via