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Mandatory Education Courses for Students, Faculty and Non-Clinical Staff Members

  • If you are a UPMC employee, you MUST complete mandatory education through Learning, in HR Direct. UPMC employees MAY NOT use the links below to access mandatory education.
  • If you are a designated non-employee working at a UPMC facility or providing services on behalf of UPMC, you may access mandatory education through the links below. Remember to review the educational content and complete the accompanying assessment or acknowledgement.
  • Students and faculty are required to complete clinical mandatory courses in addition to the below courses.
  • It's important to note that after completing this test, you MUST select the "Continue" button on your passing results page to submit your completion record. This step is essential to receive credit for the course. Ensure you fill out and submit the form to receive credit for completing this education. (NOTE: This process does not apply to courses that are recommended but not required.)
  • Failure to submit your completion record will result in not receiving credit, which will require you to revisit and complete the course again.

Strengthen Your De-Escalation Skills

This de-escalation education is recommended, but not required.

Part One for All Staff:

Part Two for Clinical Staff:

Ancillary Employee Trainings

Target Audience: Those who have patient exposure/interaction, but are not direct care givers (security guards, transporters, radiology techs, HUCs, etc.).

Mandatory Insurance Education Modules

If you need additional assistance, contact the Learning and Development Team.