Community-Focused News

How UPMC Health Plan is Expanding its Health Care Offerings With the Neighborhood Center

UPMC Health Plan is expanding its offerings to the community in the form of a free Neighborhood Center that provides everything from workforce development to social services. Since December, the center has served more than 4,500 people with a variety of needs. 

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Garden in Hill District provides seniors with community 

The UPMC Matilda Theiss Health Center has partnered with the Thelma Lovette YMCA and seniors at the Macedonia Family and Community Enrichment Center to establish a community garden. Beyond nutrition and addressing food insecurity, the garden is also providing a sense of community and socialization for local seniors.

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Weighted lottery helped low-income patients get Covid drug - STAT

When UPMC received a scarce COVID-19 drug, they put together a plan to use a weighted lottery to give higher odds of receiving the drug to patients who lived in disadvantaged areas.

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