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Evelyn Talbott, DrPH, MPH

Dr. Talbott has more than 25 years of experience in environmental epidemiology and is the primary advisor for over 70 masters and doctoral students. Her primary research interests include environmental epidemiology and cardiovascular risk factors in women.

Recently, Dr. Talbott has been working in the area of environmental public health, tracking and linking health outcomes to measurable environmental risk factors, which include childhood lead poisoning, cardiopulmonary outcomes and the study of cancer clusters. Dr. Talbott worked with the Pennsylvania Health Department to conduct health studies about environmental exposures. 

One of the founding members of the International Society for Environmental Epidemiology, Dr. Talbott served as the society’s secretary-treasurer for four years. She is a fellow of the American Heart Association and the Council on Epidemiology and Prevention.

She received her bachelor’s degree in biology from Bethany College and her masters and doctorate degrees in epidemiology from the University of Pittsburgh.