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Olivera J. Finn, PhD


Dr. Finn’s research interests and expertise are in the areas of tumor immunology, transplant immunology and T-cell biology. In particular, her group has identified a novel immune response to a tumor-associated antigen, MUC1, expressed on breast, pancreatic, colon, ovarian and other carcinomas of epithelial cell origin.

This work has led to the development of a potential cancer vaccine based on the protein cyclin B1 that is currently being tested in clinical trials.

Dr. Finn is a recipient of the American Cancer Society Faculty Award, UPCI’s Scientific Leadership Award, University of Pittsburgh Chancellor’s Distinguished Research Award, University of Pittsburgh Mentor of the Year Award and Department of Molecular Genetics and Biochemistry Faculty Award.

Dr. Finn is very active and influential in professional societies important to program members including the American Association of Immunologists, American Association for Cancer Research and Women in Cancer Research. She serves as liaison between the societies and the program members. She also is an active participant in National Cancer Institute (NCI) activities, which allow her to be familiar with many new NCI initiatives that she can quickly transmit to the members.

Dr. Finn is a member of scientific advisory boards of several cancer centers in the United States and Canada, and she is a member of editorial boards of several journals in the field of tumor immunology.