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Also part of the UPMC family:

Wendy King, PhD


Dr. King's primary areas of research interest include bariatric surgery, physical activity and dietary interventions to prevent and treat obesity, and objective assessment of physical activity. She studies the effects of bariatric surgery on psychopathology, including substance use disorder, and women's health in areas such as fertility, pregnancies, birth outcomes, urinary incontinence and sexual function. In addition she studies the effect of physical activity on weight loss and resolution of co-morbidities post-surgery and supplemental behavioral interventions to improve post-surgery outcomes.

Dr. King served as the principal investigator in two studies funded by the National Institutes of Health: Adapting Pediatric Obesity Treatment to Health Disparities, and Psychosocial Issues and Bariatric Surgery. Further, she serves as the co-investigator to three long-term studies looking into the longitudinal assessment of bariatric surgery and method of enhanced behavioral intervention for weight loss in young adults.

Dr. King attended the University of California San Diego to obtain her Bachelor of Science degree in biology and later obtained her doctorate in epidemiology from the University of Pittsburgh.