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Magee-Womens Summit Convenes with $1M Magee Prize

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PITTSBURGH – From pregnancy to birth, adolescence to menopause, embryos to centenarians, women’s health across the lifespan once again will take center stage at the 2021 Magee-Womens Summit, convening at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh Nov. 17 and 18, 2021. 


Established in 2018, the Magee-Womens Summit, supported by the Richard King Mellon Foundation, is the premier international conference in women’s health, inspiring a new generation of visionary research by harnessing cross-disciplinary innovations with the ultimate goal of improving all human health around the world. 


Women’s health issues present some of the most intriguing—and impactful—scientific and clinical challenges of our time. Pregnancy and women’s health significantly influence population health. Though historically understudied, the field has made tremendous strides in recent years, and the Magee-Womens Summit is designed to apply the latest in research and technological breakthroughs to these topics, inspiring knowledge creation as well as better clinical outcomes.


Yoel Sadovsky release“By convening exceptional, diverse speakers to bring a wide variety of expertise to bear on women’s health, we intend to continue elevating this crucial research to a place where it will have the greatest impact,” said Yoel Sadovsky, M.D., executive director of Magee-Womens Research Institute. “The Summit is predicated on the principle that women’s health is human health, and that by harnessing thought leaders from a wide spectrum of disciplines, we will help forge new pathways to knowledge creation—which, in turn, will elevate the human condition, not just now, but also for future generations.”


Laura Helmuth releaseThe centerpiece of the Summit is the Magee Prize Dinner at the conclusion of the first day, which will feature the awarding of the $1 million Magee Prize, honoring innovative and collaborative research focused on women’s health and reproductive sciences from a wide variety of disciplines. An external committee will choose the top three finalists for the prize, who will present their research during the day. Conference attendees will vote on the winning entry. The prize, funded by the Richard King Mellon Foundation, is designed to propel discovery in women’s health and, by extension, the health of humankind. The Magee Prize Dinner’s keynote speaker is Laura Helmuth, editor-in-chief of Scientific American


“Science, health care and evidence-driven policies have never been more important, and this is a transformative time for research and innovation. I’m thrilled to be attending the Magee-Womens Summit to talk with the world’s leaders in women’s health and reproductive biology,” Helmuth said. “The pandemic exacerbated long-standing and systemic problems, especially for women’s health, and it emphasized the importance of science and smart policies for supporting health and saving lives. We have a lot to talk about at the conference, and I’m looking forward to learning more about the latest discoveries and innovations.”


All topics at the Summit will be viewed through the lens of diversity, equity and inclusion. Topics include: 


  • Healthy Beginnings, including maternal health, the link between congenital heart defects and the placenta and new paradigms in pregnancy and long-term health, among others. 
  • Shaping Metabolism, including metabolic underpinnings of obesity, aging and reproductive disorders.
  • Healthy Mind Through Transitions, which include issues impacting cognitive health and wellness, such as stress, sleep and memory. Summit discussions also will focus on preparations for the possibility of the next pandemic. 
  • Transforming Clinical Outcomes, which is designed to give practical, actionable information to health care providers. Topics include preventive genomics, telehealth and digital engagement, menopause and sexual health, and health equity as a cornerstone of future health and wellness. 


Preceding the first day will be an Advocacy Session, also at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center, from 1 to 5 p.m., Tuesday, Nov. 16. This session is dedicated to addressing racial disparities in health care.


Robert Edwards release“This Summit is a unique effort to combine basic and clinical science perspectives in the care of women and their families,” said Robert Edwards, M.D., chair of the department of obstetrics and gynecology at UPMC Magee-Womens Hospital. “The singular dedication to the health of women as the center of our social fabric makes these efforts critical in the times of such clear environmental, financial, political and biologic threats to the health of women worldwide.”


To learn more about registration or additional details about Summit speakers and topics, visit
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CREDIT: Courtesy of Magee-Womens Research Institute

CAPTION: Yoel Sadovsky, M.D., executive director, Magee-Womens Research Institute.



CREDIT: Courtesy of Laura Helmuth

CAPTION: Laura Helmuth, editor-in-chief of Scientific American, will serve as keynote speaker at the 2021 Magee-Womens Summit.



CREDIT: Courtesy of Magee-Womens Research Institute

CAPTION: Robert Edwards, M.D., chair of the department of obstetrics and gynecology at UPMC Magee-Womens Hospital.