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UPMC CancerCenter Brings Latest Imaging Equipment to Network Locations

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For years, UPMC CancerCenter has offered mobile PET CT scans, bringing the imaging equipment to its network locations without the capability. Now, UPMC CancerCenter is the first cancer care network in the country to offer Discovery IQ, the most advanced mobile PET CT capability available to patients throughout the region.

PET CT is short for positron emission tomography with computerized tomography. It offers improved resolution and accuracy over traditional PET or CT scans, and is one of the most powerful cancer diagnostic tools available today. The new scanner is equipped with several technological innovations, including the ability to perform faster scans with lower doses of radiation for improved patient comfort and care. The more sensitive scanner is able to better detect lesions while reconstruction technology helps physicians better understand how a patient is responding to treatment.

“Successfully treating many cancers depends on early detection, and this new technology allows us to evaluate tumors as small as 4 millimeters in size,” said Dwight E. Heron, M.D., director of radiation services with UPMC CancerCenter. “Thanks to the advanced software applications offered, we also are able to better monitor patients’ tumors to see how they are responding to treatment.”

UPMC CancerCenter, partner with the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute, will be offering this service at the following locations: 

  • Heritage Valley Radiation Oncology, Chippewa
  • Heritage Valley Radiation Oncology in partnership with UPMC CancerCenter, Moon
  • Uniontown Hospital Radiation Oncology
  • UPMC CancerCenter at UPMC Natrona Heights
  • UPMC Horizon
  • UPMC Northwest

“We believe everyone should be able to have access to the latest breakthroughs in cancer technology,” said Dr. Heron. “Advances like the software applications available with our mobile PET CT unit can help us diagnose cancers earlier, and possibly change the course of a patient’s treatment. We are excited to be able to bring this technology to people who could benefit from it.”