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UPMC, Susquehanna Regional EMS donate Medical Bags to Lycoming Regional Police Department


July 24, 2023

WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. – A community partnership between UPMC, the Lycoming Regional Police Department (LRPD), Susquehanna Regional EMS (SREMS), and Susquehanna Health Foundation is helping improve the health and safety of the community through the donation of 10 fully-equipped medical emergency response bags. The bags include medical supplies to help manage cardiac arrest, life-threatening bleeding control, and overdose treatment.

“The LRPD is frequently our quickest initial response to medical emergencies in the large, rural area of Lycoming County,” said Mark Trueman, deputy chief and director, Prehospital Care, UPMC in North Central Pa. “This is a great opportunity to collaborate with the team so that they are amply prepared for emergency medical responses in their coverage area. Ultimately, this is all about doing what’s best for the community and ensuring we can do our best as emergency responders to save lives.”

“We are very appreciative of the Susquehanna Health Foundation, UPMC, and our partners in EMS for this donation,” said Christopher Kriner, captain, LRPD. “The teams from UPMC did even more than expected and it was also a pleasure to work with Jason Kling, platoon chief, SREMS, in assembling the medical bags.”

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UPMC and Lycoming Regional Police Department

From left: Mark Trueman, deputy chief and director, Prehospital Care, UPMC; Christopher Kriner, captain, LRPD; Jason Kling, platoon chief, SREMS.

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