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We Are UPMC Physicians

A brain surgeon who treats some of the most complex tumors. A primary care physician who cares for the health of hundreds of families. An oncologist who helps patients fight lymphoma, leukemia, and other forms of blood cancer. And physicians from an array of specialties who help patients lead better lives every day.

These are UPMC doctors, and they have stories to tell. What inspires them? What is their most memorable experience? Why do they practice at UPMC? These answers, along with others, are shared below. Learn more about these doctors and how they, along with other doctors and employees... Are UPMC.


With the ability to practice anywhere, learn why doctors choose UPMC

Learn why doctors choose UPMC - opens YouTube video

What Matters Most?

UPMC doctors explain what matters most to them

UPMC doctors explain what matters most - opens YouTube video 

Memorable Experience

UPMC doctors share what experience they put above all else

UPMC doctors share their experiences - opens YouTube video 

Putting Patients First

Learn how doctors believe UPMC puts patient care first

UPMC patient care - opens YouTube video 

What Inspires You?

Besides practicing medicine, find out what inspires UPMC doctors

UPMC doctor inspiration - opens YouTube video 

One Single Message?

Doctors share a message about the care given at UPMC

Doctor messages about UPMC - opens YouTube video

Meet the Physicians