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Cancer Survivorship Program

Whether you've just been diagnosed, are currently undergoing treatment or are in remission for cancer, you are a survivor. You have the strength of many to back you up. We stick together when times get tough.

Your life has surely been changed. Perhaps you may think it can never be the same. But, together we can see it through. Whether you're dealing with short-term or long-term side effects or social and emotional difficulties, we can help. Our program is dedicated to helping you transition from cancer diagnosis to cancer survivorship.

Involving Your Health Care Team

 An oncology advanced practice professional will meet with you about your cancer diagnosis and treatment summary, possible late and long-term effects, and perform a detailed assessment of any current symptoms. During this assessment your provider will discuss and make referrals as appropriate for physical, mental, social, and spiritual concerns. These appointments will take an hour  less depending on your needs.  

A detailed plan will be created including a summary of your diagnosis, treatment, and referrals for other providers or services. A variety of services are available as part of survivorship care planning including:  

  • Physical therapy 
  • Social services
  • Financial counseling 
  • Dietetic and Nutrition counseling 
  • Spiritual counseling
  • Exercise programs tailored to cancer survivors 
  • Home care
  • Referrals to specialty health care providers 
  • Support groups
  • Psychotherapy – Behavioral Health
  • Sexual and Reproductive health

We offer the above services at UPMC Hillman Cancer Centers in  Williamsport, and Wellsboro

Additional Resources for Cancer Survivors

Our goals are to prevent, detect and treat cancer. We have a variety of services and resources within the hospital, local and global communities. We can help you set in motion a plan to monitor and assess your condition so that you're in control again.

Find more resources for cancer survivorship here:

Cancer support groups and events right here may be the spark of hope and strength you need to stay strong and fight on. Speak with a provider to learn more.

UPMC Hillman Cancer Center provides exceptional support for patients with all stages of cancer. Find hope and strength through our cancer survivorship programs in Williamsport, and Wellsboro.