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Partnership Services We Offer

  • UPMC Complex Care Connect™: UPMC works with a partner hospital to provide specialty surgical care not available at the partner hospital. The patient travels to UPMC with the goal of returning back to the care of the partner hospital as quickly as possible. UPMC provides the hospital with training and UPMC protocols.
  • UPMC Patient Connect: UPMC works with partner hospitals to scope and setup new service lines leveraging UPMC’s clinical teams and operations.
  • UPMC Corporate Connect: UPMC partners with nationwide insurance networks to become a preferred provider for highly specialized health care. This allows patients to access expertise not available in the partner's region. 

Featured Case Studies

UPMC Complex Care Connect™ : Living-Donor Liver Transplant

Partnering with hospitals that have deceased liver transplant programs, UPMC works with a partner hospital to provide living-donor liver transplant as an option for difficult cases and where a living donor may be a better patient option. The patient undergoes pre and post-operative care at the partner hospital and comes to UPMC for the surgical procedure and associated care. UPMC is consistently one of the country’s leading centers for living-donor liver transplants forged on the legacy of the "transplant pioneer," Dr. Thomas Starzl.

UPMC Patient Connect: Concussion Treatment

UPMC is a clinical leader in the evaluation, treatment, and research of concussion. UPMC experts identified six unique concussion clinical trajectories each with its own diagnostic and treatment pathway. In many cases, a patient would have more than one of these concussion sub groupings, making treatment a highly personalized experience for the patient. UPMC is on the leading edge of using vestibular, exercise, and other therapies in the treatment and cure of concussion.