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Preparing for Your General Surgery Visit

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On the day of your office visit, please bring:

  • Your insurance card
  • Previous test results including the actual films.
  • A list of the medications you are taking
  • Information about the doctor who referred you, including name, office address, telephone number, and fax number.

Providing the above information will help our doctors become familiar with your case and will help us keep in touch with your physician regarding your case.

Prior to your initial visit, you will be asked to complete a general medical information form.

During your office visit, our staff will ask the reason for your visit as well as review your medical history with you. The physicians may want you to have more tests before a diagnosis is confirmed or a procedure scheduled. We will help you to schedule these tests at a UPMC facility. The physician will contact you with the results of the tests and will explain the next step in your medical care.