Walk with COACH Program

The UPMC Heart and Vascular Institute’s Community Outreach and Cardiovascular Health (COACH) Program offers health awareness, education, and services to help our communities prevent cardiovascular disease.

Our Walk with COACH Program aims to help people who are at risk for or living with heart disease get and stay active through a supervised, community-based walking program.

Benefits of Walking For Heart Health

Walking can help lower your risk for heart disease. It can also be a vital part of a heart disease treatment plan.

Regular walking offers a gentle, low-impact type of activity that can help you control several risk factors for heart disease, including your:

  • Blood pressure
  • Cholesterol levels
  • Blood sugar levels
  • Weight
  • Ability to cope with stress

What is the Walk with COACH Program?

Walk with COACH is a free program offered by the UPMC Heart and Vascular Institute. At your first session, you will receive a welcome packet. It includes info about walking for heart health and how to make the most of your walks.

The program gives you a chance to take steps toward better health and allows you to connect with others who know what it’s like to be in your shoes.

Who Can Join?

The Walk with COACH Program is open to people of all ages and fitness levels.

While walking is safe for most people, it’s always best to talk to your doctor to find out what's right for you.

Take a Healthy Step

Take a Healthy Step (TAHS) deductible credit is available to UPMC employees and UPMC Health Plan members who participate in four walks per month for $25 TAHS credits max per month.

Please bring your employee identification number or UPMC Health Plan identification number with you to your first walk.

Wellness Disclaimer

We are committed to helping you achieve your best health. Rewards for participating in a wellness program are available to all members. If you think you might be unable to meet a standard for a reward under this wellness program, you might qualify for an opportunity to earn the same reward by different means. Contact us at 1-855-395-8762, and we will work with you and your doctor to find a wellness program with the same reward that is right for you in light of your health status.

Walk with COACH is currently on hiatus. Please check back for information about walk locations, dates, and times.