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UPMC at Home Community Health Support Services

UPMC at Home's community supportive services include programs to help you maintain and preserve your independence while living with a complex illness.

These programs focus on:

  • Supporting you and your family members as you deal with the complications of your health.
  • Maximizing your quality of life.
  • Helping your primary care doctor manage your ongoing health needs.

By engaging UPMC's community support services, you can broaden the network of health care providers to manage your ongoing needs.

Our Approach to Community Health Support Services

At UPMC, we believe that support services at home work best as part of an extended team approach with your primary care doctor.

Some of UPMC's community support services are only for patients with certain health insurance products.

Qualifying patients of these unique programs receive supportive care from:

  • Certified registered nurse practitioners
  • Social workers
  • Other medical support staff

Throughout this care, your doctor receives ongoing updates on your progress.

Managing Your Health Needs in Your Own Home

UPMC Advanced Practice Providers (APP) is a group practice of certified registered nurse practitioners (CRNPs) who solely manage patients in their homes.

The role of the CRNP is to extend medical care into the homes of patients who are unable to visit an outpatient office due to their health concern.

Our APP home health services

Our CRNPs work with UPMC doctors to support a plan of care for complex health conditions with the goal of optimizing quality of life.

CRNP services include:

  • Establishing and documenting goals of care and communicating these goals with the care team and family.
  • Linkage to other local supportive services.
  • Palliative care to patients with serious illness.
  • Symptom treatment and management.

UPMC Palliative Care Services

Home palliative care services help improve the quality of life for those that are living with a disease.

Palliative care is available at any stage of a disease. This goal is to prolong life with the highest quality.

A multidisciplinary team coordinates palliative support to assure the best outcome possible.

UPMC palliative care services are available at all our home health agencies.

  • UPMC Home Healthcare provides palliative care services throughout many Pennsylvania counties.

    888-860-2273, option 1.

Learn more about UPMC's palliative and supportive care services.

UPMC Community Team program

The UPMC Community Team program offers a multidisciplinary, structured effort to engage and assist high-need UPMC Health Plan members.

The program has a particular focus on behavioral health needs.

Let us help you and your family put a plan in place. Call 1-855-772-8762 or email the UPMC Community Team today.