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Advanced treatments for liver disease

​A Full Spectrum of Liver Care

UPMC offers convenient access to the most advanced methods of evaluation, medical management, and surgical intervention for patients diagnosed with acute or chronic liver disease.

UPMC Center for Liver Diseases

A convenient point of access to the most advanced hepatology care in the region, our experts can stabilize or reverse the progression of liver diseases.

UPMC Liver Cancer Center

As pioneers in liver cancer treatment, UPMC surgeons are among the most experienced in performing minimally invasive liver surgery.

UPMC Liver Transplant Program

Experience among a full spectrum of liver care and the expertise of leading-edge procedures like living-donor transplant have helped us become one of the world's most widely recognized transplant programs.

Collaborative Care at the Center for Liver Diseases
Dr. Kapil Chopra discusses collaborative care at the UPMC Center for Liver Diseases.

Receiving a Liver Transplant
Dr. Shahid Malik discusses the liver transplant process at UPMC.