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Molecular & Genomic Pathology

Molecular and genomic pathology is the study of tissue and blood samples on a molecular level. Sophisticated tests such as Next Generation Sequencing performed on DNA or RNA from an individual’s tissue or blood may reveal the presence of genetic changes. The genetic changes can indicate whether a person has a certain kind of cancer, help us determine what type of therapy is best, or allow us to determine whether a person has a genetic predisposition to develop a disease or condition.

The Role of the Molecular & Genomic Pathologist

If your doctor or pathologist suspects that you have cancer or a genetic disease, he or she may send a tissue or blood sample to our lab.

Our molecular and genomic pathologists will test your samples for the presence of certain molecular indicators that can affect diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment. Our interpretive report will help your doctor begin the best plan of care.

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