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Also part of the UPMC family:

Professional Staff

UPMC Content 2

Amanda S. Korenoski, PharmD, MHA, BCCCP
Managing Director

Michael Lynch, MD
Medical Director

Meredith Talak
Program Manager

Specialists in Poison Information (SPI)

Don, RN, SPI
Tara, BSN, SPI
Elissa, BSN, CSPI
Denise, RN, CSPI
James, RN, SPI
Susan, RN, CSPI
Bryar, BSN, SPI
Shannon, BSN, SPI
Shiri, BSN, CSPI
Wendy, BSN, CSPI
Kathy, BSN, CSPI
Colleen, RN, CSPI
Vince, RN, CSPI

Consulting Clinical Toxicologists

Michael Abesamis, MD
Anthony Pizon, MD
Joshua Shulman, MD
Joseph Yanta, MD

Education, Marketing and Promotion Consultant

Ross Klick