Diabetes and Your PCP: A Vital Part of Your Care Team

You likely know that forming a close, long-lasting relationship with your PCP is vital to your overall health. And routine visits to your PCP can help you achieve your health goals.

But what if you have diabetes? Many people think they need to see a medical specialist to treat their diabetes.

At UPMC in Central Pa., our diabetes experts work closely with your PCP to make sure you get the care you need.

How Does My PCP Manage Diabetes?

Your PCP is the touchpoint for your ongoing wellness. This includes routine testing of your blood Hba1c and urine albumin levels.

Diabetes risk increases with weight gain. Your PCP can help you manage your weight, diet, activity, and stress.

Treating your diabetes involves more than just looking at blood glucose levels.

At routine check-ups, your PCP will look for any changes with your:

  • Height or weight.
  • Reflexes or sensations of numbness or tingling of the limbs.
  • Circulation.
  • Wounds or ulcers if you have them.
  • Albumin and Hba1c levels.
  • Treatment compliance.

Your PCP will also do a foot exam and ask you about:

  • Any recent illnesses.
  • Your last eye exams and dental visits.
  • How often you check your blood glucose at home, and how diet may cause any changes.

UPMC in Central Pa.’s Team Approach to Diabetes Care

Your PCP also works with our team of endocrinologists, diabetes educators, dietitians, and others to:

  • Help you manage your disease and meet your short- and long-term health goals.
  • Assess your diet, activity level, and other behaviors to help improve your care.
  • Watch your progress or help you through any setbacks.
  • Look at your current therapy and types of care.

Having these experts on site at your PCP's office means you have access to hypoglycemia insulin management, nutrition information, and more.

UPMC in Central Pa. offers diabetes inpatient and outpatient programs along with support groups to work with your PCP's treatment plan.

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