Osteoporosis Care at UPMC in Central Pa.

Osteoporosis, a progressive condition that causes weakening of the bones, affects more than 10 million Americans. Osteoporosis can make you more vulnerable to falls and broken bones and can significantly impact your quality of life.

The good news is that there are many new medications and treatment recommendations available today to treat this disease. You or your loved one can count on UPMC in Central Pa.'s Osteoporosis Clinic to provide comprehensive, coordinated care all in one place, close to home.

UPMC Endocrinology Associates provide an array of services to diagnose and treat osteoporosis, including:

  • Comprehensive clinical care
  • Diagnostic services
  • Coordination of DXA scans with UPMC Imaging Services
  • Prescriptions for oral medication
  • Education on nutrition, exercise and fall prevention
  • Customized treatment plans
  • Access to the latest therapies and treatments
  • Fracture prevention program

Hip Fracture Prevention Program

In 2015, The Hip fracture committee wanted to evaluate and identify opportunities for improvement in hip fracture care. A focused audit was completed on hip fracture patients from 2014. Although there were many opportunities one major identified gap was the treatment for osteoporosis to prevent recurrent fracture. In 2017, similar gaps were identified for other fractures including Vertebral.

Osteoporosis management plan for all fractures, was developed by starting the screening with the ED labs and obtaining a Vitamin D25, with CMP (evaluation Ca+ level). Endocrinologist, reviewed evidenced based treatment for osteoporosis and made recommendations for treatment of calcium and Vitamin D levels, which were put into the order sets, to ensure appropriate treatment was initiated.

Post-hospitalization pathway developed, included referral to Endocrinology for fracture fragility management, during inpatient stay. Appointments secured for a bone density screening and Endocrinology for further management of patient’s bone health. Nursing and Ortho Care Coordinators, provided specific education on the patient/caregivers, of the importance of the bone density testing, oral supplementations, nutritional support and follow up with Endocrinology.

Within the 1st year of launching our hip fracture program, we have seen at least 50 % patients follow up with endocrinology and getting started on appropriate treatment for prevention of recurrent fracture and treatment of Osteoporosis. When you choose UPMC Endocrinology Associates for your osteoporosis care you will meet with our professional staff for evaluation and monitoring when your treatment begins. After your customized treatment plan is established, you will be scheduled for follow-up appointments every three to six months.

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