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Breast Cancer Survivorship Care Plan at UPMC in Central Pa.

At the end of your breast cancer treatment, you will receive a treatment summary and survivorship care plan. This care plan is intended to be a road map. It can help with continued follow-up, management of lingering side effects and steps to reduce the risk of recurrence.

At UPMC Breast Care Center, we are committed to returning you not only wellness but to your life. That’s why we believe that your survivorship care plan should also take into account any life goals you may have. For example, a short-term goal may be to return to work. A long-term goal may be to have a child or complete a triathlon. By knowing these goals in advance, we can tailor your survivorship care plan to help ensure you receive the support and care you need to achieve them.

Within your treatment summary you will find the following information:

  • Contact information for UPMC Breast Care Center
  • Your diagnosis, including the histologic subtype when relevant
    • For example: Invasive ductal carcinoma
  • Surgery (yes/no). If yes:
    • Surgical procedure with location on the body
    • Date(s) of surgery
  • Chemotherapy (yes/no). If yes:
    • Names of systemic therapy agents administered
    • End date(s) of chemotherapy treatment
  • Radiation (yes/no). If yes:
    • Anatomical area treated by radiation
    • End date(s) of radiation treatment
  • Ongoing toxicity or side effects of all treatments received. Any information concerning the likely course of recovery from those toxicities should also be covered.
  • For selected cancers, genetic/hereditary risk factor(s) or predisposing conditions and genetic testing results if performed.

Within your survivorship (follow-up) care plan you will find the following information:

  • Contact information for UPMC Breast Care Center
  • Need for ongoing adjuvant therapy for cancer
    • Adjuvant therapy name
    • Planned duration
    • Expected side effects
  • Schedule of follow-up related clinical visits, including who will provide the follow-up visit, how often and where this will take place
  • Cancer surveillance tests for recurrence, including who is responsible for ordering/carrying out the test, the frequency of testing and where this will take place
  • Cancer screening for early detection of new primaries - to be included only if different from general population, including who is responsible for carrying out, the frequency of testing and where this will take place
  • Other periodic testing and examinations
  • Possible symptoms of cancer recurrence
  • A list of late- or long-term effects from either the breast cancer or treatment
  • A list of the challenges that you have faced - emotional, parenting, financial, etc.- during your journey. The care plan will include a list of local and national resources to help you obtain proper services.
  • A health and nutrition statement that specifies the steps you should be taking to achieve or maintain your health such as a diet and exercise plan, a smoking cessation program, etc.

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PinnacleHealth Breast Care Center
Located at UPMC Hillman Cancer Center at the Rocco and Nancy Ortenzio Cancer Pavilion
2035 Technology Parkway
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Mechanicsburg, PA 17050

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PinnacleHealth Breast Care Center
Located at Medical Sciences Pavilion
4300 Londonderry Road
Suite 202
Harrisburg, PA 17109

Phone: 717-545-5000
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