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Center for Sports Medicine: A Team Approach

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Our goal here at the Center for Sports Medicine is to provide the most advanced state of the art care to our athletes and patients in Western Pennsylvania to allow them to go back to their sports, to their life styles and what they love to do.

We believe in a multidisciplinary approach. That includes orthopedic surgeons such as myself, primary care sports medicine physicians, physical therapy, athletic training, we have a world renowned concussion program, sports nutrition and sports psychology. Combining Specialties

At the Center for Sports Medicine we try to treat each patient individually, each athlete individually understanding their injury and how to diagnose and manage it but also the other things that go along with it. To do this you must combine specialties together to create an approach to the patient and each patient’s different.

So for example as an orthopedic surgeon I would communicate with my physical therapist on post-operative physical therapy, I’d talk to them, I do a lot of non-operative treatments as well. And it’s very important for the surgeon, the physical therapist, the athletic trainers to talk and here at the Center for Sports Medicine we have continual interactions with our other specialties to do that


Our philosophy here at the Center for Sports Medicine is that in order to provide the most advanced care for athletes and patients, that we need to be experts. And being an expert means not only being a outstanding physician or physical therapist but you should be involved in teaching and in research and that’s something we’ve done here for years. We’ve created new techniques, we’ve created new protocols, we constantly are changing to improve ourselves and we’re recognized around the world for that as well. And I think that’s important when we put together a program and a center such as this.


This facility was built because UPMC has a vision, had a vision for this community to have the state of the art treatments provided in sports medicine not only for Western Pennsylvania but for the nation and the world because we see patients from all over the world.

In addition to the Center for Sports Medicine which is the main building that houses the different disciplines we also have other buildings, I like to call it a campus.

We have the indoor practice facility, We have the Steelers and the Panthers operational offices right here. Just down from that we have our research facilities where we look and design the newest treatment protocols for sports medicine injuries. And finally we have South Side Outpatient Surgical Center which is a state of the art surgical center.

Expert Staff - State of the Art Facilities

For over 20 years we’ve been dedicated to providing the best patient care through the people and through our facilities. The people are the experts who provide multidisciplinary care and the facilities enable us to provide state of the art treatment to our athletes for them to return back to sports.