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Sports Medicine Information for Athletes

At UPMC Sports Medicine, we focus on serving athletes and athletic individuals of all levels. We're proud to offer tips and guides for our athletes in addition to treatment services. Below you will find information on sports medicine offered at UPMC.

COVID-19 Return to Sports Guidelines

A multidisciplinary team of clinicians and researchers led by UPMC Sports Medicine has developed guidelines to assist coaches, athletic trainers, and organizers in creating a safe environment for youth, high school, and collegiate athletes, fans, and staff as they consider a return to play amid COVID-19. Learn more about these guidelines.

UPMC Western Behavioral Health Partnership

At UPMC, we have the expertise to evaluate all aspects of the student-athlete experience. We want to help you support your student-athletes if they find themselves in a time of need. UPMC Sports Medicine, in partnership with UPMC Western Behavioral Health, offers behavioral health and wellness education to help student-athletes perform at their very best in sports, school, and life. Learn more about this partnership.

My Sport

Training is an important part of any sport's season. To help you prepare for your sport during your season and beyond, our experts offer My Sports Pages. These pages feature our guides to training. Our sports-specific guides contain a variety of tips and information, including:

  • Common injuries
  • Training tips and techniques
  • Prevention and rehabilitation exercises
  • And more

Additional information for athletes

Fueling your body properly is an important part of training for sports and maximizing performance. Browse our nutrition tips for our suggestions.

Sports Medicine Services

More sports medicine information:

UPMC Sports Medicine Biannual Editorial Archive