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UPMC Urgent Care: Caring for You During and After COVID-19

UPMC Urgent Care offers COVID-19 testing, vaccines, and the bivalent booster.

We are committed to providing safe in-person care. You can walk right in - no appointment is needed. Or, you can schedule an appointment online at some Urgent Care locations.

New Masking Guidelines

As of Monday, May 1, 2023, masks are no longer required at most UPMC facilities, including UPMC Urgent Care, under the current universal masking guidelines. This decision is based on data showing sustained lower levels of COVID-19 activity and availability of vaccines to provide protection against serious complications.

UPMC remains an environment welcoming of those choosing to mask, and masks will continue to be widely available. Note there are some exceptions where masking is still required, such as in areas where patients are susceptible to infection such as transplant and NICUs.

In areas where masking is not required:

  • Masks remain available, and people are permitted, encouraged, and supported in wearing a mask if they so choose.
  • Patients may ask health care workers caring for them to mask.

UPMC experts continually assess the level of risk due to SARS-CoV-2 and seasonal respiratory viruses as they evolve and will update these guidelines accordingly.

Online Scheduling Available at Most Urgent Care Locations

You can schedule an appointment or walk right in – seven days a week. Receive care for illnesses and injuries, such as colds, flu, rashes, and fractures.

  • Scheduled appointments mean reduced or no wait time
  • Schedule an appointment for vaccinations, sports or work physicals, COVID-19 testing, or a visit for a minor injury or illness.
  • Walk-ins are still accepted
  • Scheduling an appointment online is not available at Urgent Care locations in Erie, Central PA, and Western Maryland.

Schedule an Appointment

COVID-19 Vaccines at UPMC

UPMC has updated our approach to COVID-19 vaccination to align with the most recent federal guidance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The updated recommendation is for eligible individuals to receive at least one dose of the bivalent vaccine.

The dose, called "bivalent," is important to make sure you are protected against both the COVID-19 virus and current variants. The original, monovalent COVID-19 vaccines were effective against the original virus that causes COVID-19. They are no longer authorized due to the improved protection provided by bivalent vaccines.

Certain individuals can qualify for additional doses of the bivalent vaccine, based on their age, vaccination history, and immunocompromised status.

The importance of vaccines is unchanged. They prepare your immune system so that when you are exposed to the virus, your risk of infection and serious complications is reduced.

Scheduling a bivalent vaccine

UPMC continues to encourage vaccination. There are many ways to receive a bivalent vaccine through UPMC or in your community.

You can schedule online for a COVID-19 vaccine at UPMC Urgent Care (for patients, age 12 and older).

Schedule online at UPMC Urgent Care

Please note: UPMC Urgent Care locations in Erie, central Pennsylvania, and Maryland do not offer online scheduling. When scheduling for a vaccine, please contact the office and confirm availability.

For more information about the bivalent vaccine or to check if you or your family members are eligible for an additional dose, visit our COVID-19 webpage.

COVID-19 Testing at UPMC Urgent Care

UPMC Urgent Care will honor any prescription for symptomatic patients (individuals with COVID-19 symptoms), asymptomatic patients, and pre-procedural prescriptions from a UPMC provider.

If you already have an order (medical referral) for a COVID-19 test, and scheduled an appointment online, UPMC Urgent Care staff can administer a COVID-19 test inside the office.

COVID-19 test without a written referral or written order

If you do not have a referral or written order for a COVID-19 test, one of our staff can order the test for you. Medical evaluations are provided for ‘walk-in’ patients during regular business hours, first come-first served.

Contact UPMC Urgent Care staff for more information about COVID-19 tests.