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Concussion | UPMC International Division

UPMC Concussion Network

UPMC’s internationally recognized concussion program is the foundation for developing consensus-driven and evidence-based treatment pathways worldwide. One of the first and busiest concussion centers in the U.S., UPMC is committed to advancing research and clinical care to demonstrate that concussions, when managed properly, are treatable injuries.

The UPMC Concussion Network in Ireland is leading a first-of-its-kind national coalition of health care providers to streamline patient diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of concussions. The aim is to develop a national network of general practitioners and physiotherapists trained in:

  • Identifying the different types of concussion
  • Treatment and rehabilitation methods
  • Recovery monitoring

The network creates easy access to viable, standardized concussion testing and treatment to keep athletes and patients safe and healthy. Clinicians who are part of the UPMC Concussion Network also gain access to ongoing proprietary training resources curated by UPMC’s concussion experts based in the U.S.