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Supplier Diversity Program

UPMC’s Supplier Diversity Program, which began in 1989, and reengineered in 2006, is designed to provide minority, woman-owned, and disadvantaged businesses, LGTBE, and Veteran owned vendors equal access to procurement opportunities. The program ensures that certified Diverse business partners are provided the maximum opportunity to participate as partners and suppliers of goods and services to UPMC.

Our Approach:

  • Supplier Diversity and Inclusion is an integral part of the UPMC Supply Chain Management (SCM) strategy
  • UPMC actively recruits Diverse Business Enterprises to participate in the Supplier Diversity Program.
  • UPMC seeks to enter into first and second tier business relationships with Diverse Business Enterprise suppliers who provide quality, cost-competitive products and services to UPMC.
  • A primary focus of the program is to grow the capacity of Diverse Business Enterprise suppliers.
  • The Diverse Business Education and Development Initiative provides education, training, mentoring, and networking opportunities to Diverse Business Enterprise members.
  • Diverse Business Enterprises interested in the program are required to register via our Supplier Diversity Registration website.

Diverse Business Enterprise Corporate Policy Statement

It is the policy of the UPMC to provide certified diverse business enterprises the maximum opportunity to participate as partners and suppliers of goods and services. UPMC is committed to supplier diversity as an integral part of its overall Supply Chain Management (SCM) strategy.

Implicit in this policy is the assumption that any such diverse business shall have the required qualifications to bid for the provision of goods and services. UPMC Supply Chain Management maintains a certified diverse vendor file. 

UPMC recognizes that these diverse firms enhance its supply chain and increase its competitive advantage in the marketplace. Our goal as an organization is not only to be “best in class," but to create a Supplier Diversity Program that is recognized as “World Class” among nationally and internationally renowned health systems and the larger business community.

All personnel associated with the UPMC’s Supply Chain Management activities will be made aware of this policy. These employees are expected to commit themselves to its implementation through integration into purchasing and distribution strategies, procedures, and good faith efforts. 

Eligibility Requirements, Certification, and Participation

To participate in the program, a business must be a verified self-certified or certified as a minority, woman-owned, disadvantaged business enterprise, LGBT-owned, or veteran-owned, which are defined as a business that is owned, controlled, and operated by a minority, woman, or disadvantaged group member. In order to be certified, a business must do the following:

  • Must maintain 51% ownership and maintain daily control of their business
  • Must be located in the U.S. or its territories
  • Owner must be a U.S. citizen

UPMC recognizes certification of Diverse Business Enterprise by the following agencies:

National Minority Supplier Development Council, and its regional affiliates

Small Business Administration 8 (a) certification

  • Women Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC)
  • National Women Business Owners Corporation (NWBOC)
  • U.S. Business Leadership Network-Disability Supplier Diversity Program (USBLN-DSDP)
  • Pennsylvania Unified Certification Program
  • Allegheny County MWDBE Certification
  • Port Authority of Allegheny County
  • Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
  • National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce
  • Vets First Verification Program
  • National Association of Veteran Owned Businesses (NaVOBA)

UPMC recognizes the following forms of self-certification verification:

  • Notarized letter signed by business owner stating that business is at least 51% Diverse owned and operated and a copy of owner’s valid driver’s license.

Supplier Diversity Registration Process

Please follow the instruction provided on the Supplier Diversity Registration Form.

When an opportunity is available for the services your company provides, your information will be reviewed with the SCM Sourcing Team. You will be contacted by the Supplier Diversity Program or a Sourcing representative and if appropriate a meeting scheduled.

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