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Supply Chain Inquiries

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Type of Inquiry

Help Center Inquiries

Please visit the UPMC Supply Chain Management Help Center to submit an inquiry for any of the following inquiry types:

  • Add or Update ACH Banking — Obtain an ACH Authorization Form to request electronic payments along with FREE e-mail remittances. Suppliers can also request changes/updates to their existing ACH banking information. 
  • Invoice/Payment Inquiry — Obtain information about the status of existing supplier invoice(s) or payment(s).
    Inquiries should be 30 days past the invoice due date.
  • Check Identification Inquiry — Obtain information or assistance with an existing UPMC payment to a supplier.
  • Purchase Order/Requisition Inquiry — Obtain information or assistance with an existing Purchase Order or Requisition.
  • Sales Tax Exemption Request/Inquiry — Obtain assistance with sales tax exemption forms/procedures.