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UPMC Virtual Events

UPMC Virtual Events

UPMC Virtual Events is your source for Tele-Town Halls, UPMC Podcasts, and the Alive & Well Series.

Sign up and let us know the types of virtual events and information that interest you, and check back soon to see what’s coming up. More events are in the works!

Just for Women

A virtual series on women’s key health care concerns —presented by women, for women.

Menopause: Facing and Embracing the Natural Transition

May 22 at Noon

Women at midlife face many physical, mental, and emotional changes. Carla Picardo, MD, MPH, will discuss how to embrace this transition and feel prepared for all that comes along with perimenopause and menopause.

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The ABCs of UTIs in Women

May 29 at Noon

Taking care of your bladder health is always important, especially in the later stages of your life. Join Halina Zyczynski, MD, as she talks about recurring urinary tract infections (UTIs) and tips to maintain a healthy bladder.

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PCOS and Period Patterns: Understanding Regularity

June 5 at Noon

Wait, is this normal? Nikole Bucsek, MD, will talk about the most common questions she receives from patients about period regularity and some warning signs of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

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Cancer Conversations

A virtual educational series to learn more about cancer preventions and treatments from UPMC Hillman Cancer Center oncologists.

GI Cancers: Exploring Surgical Treatment

June 27 at Noon

Join Geoffrey Nunns, MD, to learn how surgical treatments can be a major breakthrough in your GI cancer journey.

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Ensuring Lung Longevity

July 25 at Noon

Lung cancer is the number one cause of cancer-related deaths in the United States. Faisal Akbar, MD, will discuss screening expectations and what to do when your results come in.

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A Message on Myeloma

August 29 at Noon

Hear straight from an expert, Nishant Tageja, MD, about the signs, symptoms, and treatments of myeloma.

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A Healthy Perspective on GI Cancers

September 26 at Noon

There are lots of fears surrounding gastrointestinal cancers. Khanh Nguyen, MD, will talk about how to prevent, treat, and recover from this very common form of cancer.

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What is a…

Tele-Town Hall

A Tele-Town Hall is a talk show that you listen to on your phone. You can dial in to become part of the audience, or you can stay on the line if we happen to call you. UPMC Tele-Town Hall experts answer your questions about cancer, sports medicine, cardiology, and other specialties. To ask questions, dial *3 to connect with an operator (you won’t become part of the show).


A podcast is a recording that you can download or stream to your personal device and listen to whenever you want. Some UPMC Tele-Town Halls eventually become podcasts, so you won’t miss out if you couldn’t make it the first time.

Alive & Well

The UPMC Alive & Well Series is an ongoing course of free health education discussions, now available virtually. Register online and join the community to learn from UPMC experts about a variety of health and wellness topics.

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