Also part of the UPMC family:
Also part of the UPMC family:
UPMC Best Doctors
UPMC Best Doctors

UPMC's 2019 "Best Doctors" List

Read stories of life changing medicine, UPMC Best DoctorsNearly 600 UPMC physicians have been recognized as 2019 "Best Doctors" across 77 different specialties. UPMC doctors represent 75% of the physicians listed in Pittsburgh.

These physicians are part of the Best Doctors in America® list, which is compiled by Best Doctors, Inc. An exhaustive peer review determines the physicians included in the list. Doctors cannot buy listings. Only those who earn the consensus support of their peers and meet additional qualification criteria are included.

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Franziska Jovin, MD

Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology

Joseph S. Sanfilippo, MD

Pediatric Anesthesiology

Franklyn P. Cladis, MD Peter J. Davis, MD Doreen Soliman, MD

Pediatric Cardiac Surgery

Victor O. Morell, MD

Pediatric Cardiology

Vivek Allada, MD
Gaurav Arora, MD
Lee B. Beerman, MD
Stacey Drant, MD
Brian Feingold, MD
Jacqueline Kreutzer, MD, FAAC, FSCAI
Lizabeth M. Lanford, MD

Pediatric Critical Care

Rajesh K. Aneja, MD
Hulya Bayir, MD
Joseph Anthony Carcillo, MD
Robert S. B. Clark, MD
Melinda F. Hamilton, MD, MSc
Urmila Tirodker, MD

Pediatric Developmental and Behavioral Problems

Diego Chaves-Gnecco, MD
Sara Christine Hamel, MD Kristin M. Hannibal, MD

Pediatric Emergency Medicine

Robert Hickey, MD
Rhett H. Lieberman, MD
Erin D. Phrampus, MD
Raymond D. Pitetti, MD
Richard A. Saladino, MD
Noel S. Zuckerbraun, MD, MPH

Pediatric Endocrinology

Silva A. Arslanian, MD
Dorothy J. Becker, MD
Luigi R. Garibaldi, MD
Ingrid M. Libman, MD, PhD
Selma Feldman Witchel, MD

Pediatric Gastroenterology

Maria Clavell, MD
Andrew P. (Drew) Feranchak, MD
David J. Keljo, MD, PhD
Sandra C. Kim, MD
Jeffrey A. Rudolph, MD
Robert H. Squires, Jr., MD
Arvind I. Srinath, MD, MS

Pediatric Hematology-Oncology

James Cooper, MD
Cheryl A. Hillery, MD
Scott H. Maurer, MD
A. Kim Ritchey, MD
Jean Tersak, MD
Randy M. Windreich, MD

Pediatric Infectious Disease

Terence S. Dermody, MD
Michael David Green, MD, MPH
Marian G. Michaels, MD, MPH
Andrew Nowalk, MD, PhD
John V. Williams, MD

Pediatric Medical Genetics

Uta Lichter-Konecki, MD, PhD

Pediatric Nephrology

Michael L. Moritz, MD

Pediatric Neurological Surgery

Ian Pollack, MD Elizabeth Tyler-Kabara, MD, PhD

Pediatric Ophthalmology

Ellen B. Mitchell, MD Kanwal K. Nischal, MD, FRCOphth

Pediatric Orthopaedic Surgery

Stephen A. Mendelson, MD W. Timothy Ward, MD

Pediatric Otolaryngology

David H. Chi, MD

Pediatric Pathology

Ronald Jaffe, M.B.B.Ch Jennifer L. Picarsic, MD

Pediatric Physical Medicine and Rehab

Amy J. Houtrow, MD, MPH, PhD

Pediatric Plastic Surgery

Joseph E. Losee, MD

Pediatric Pulmonology

Mark E. Dovey, MD
Geoffrey Kurland, MD
Hiren Muzumdar, MD Daniel Weiner, MD

Pediatric Sleep Medicine

Hiren Muzumdar, MD

Pediatric Specialist/Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine

Elizabeth Miller, MD, PhD

Pediatric Specialist/Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Boris Birmaher, MD David A. Brent, MD Martin J. Lubetsky, MD

Pediatric Specialist/Hospice and Palliative Medicine

Scott H. Maurer, MD

Pediatric Specialist/Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine

Abeer A. Azzuqa, MD
Arcangela Lattari Balest, MD
Beverly S. Brozanski, MD
James R. Kiger, MD, MS
Jennifer L. Kloesz, MD
Burhanuddin Mahmood, MD
Melissa M. Riley, MD
Kalyani R. Vats, MD

Pediatric Specialist/Neurology, Epilepsy

Patricia K. Crumrine, MD Shelley D. Williams, MD

Pediatric Specialist/Neurology, General

Ira Bergman, MD, PhD

Pediatric Specialist/Pediatric Metabolic Diseases

Gerard (Jerry) Vockley, MD, PhD

Pediatric Surgery

Kelly M. Austin, MD, MS, FACS, FAAP
Geoffrey J. Bond, MD
Barbara Anne Gaines, MD
George K. Gittes, MD
Marcus M. Malek, MD, FACS, FAAP
George V. Mazariegos, MD
Kevin P. Mollen, MD
Douglas A. Potoka, MD, FACS, FAAP
Rakesh K. Sindhi, MD
Kyle A. Soltys, MD

Pediatric Thoracic Surgery

Victor O. Morell, MD

Pediatric Urology

Francis X. Schneck, MD


Kiran B. Bhat, MD
Sonika Bhatnagar, MD, MPH
Aimee Biller, MD
Debra L. Bogen, MD
Jane Mikuliak Breck, MD, FAAP
Lawrence J. Butler, MD
Jennifer M. Chianese, MD
Mary Jo Clark, MD, FAAP
Stacey C. Cook, MD, PhD
Mary C. Davitt, MD, FAAP
Michael J. Decker, MD
Maureen Fleming, DO, FAAP
Stephen T. Fowler, MD
Edward Gotkiewicz, MD, FAAP
Kristin M. Hannibal, MD
Alicia L. Haupt, MD
Alejandro Hoberman, MD
Jodi L. Jackson, MD
Kenneth R. Keppel, MD
Laura E. Kisloff, MD
Sanjay Lambore, MD
Sheldon R. Levine, MD, FAAP
Susan C. Lombardozzi-Lane, MD, FAAP
Thomas G. Lynch, MD
Thomas J. Maroon, MD, FAAP
Benjamin Miller, MD
Deborah R. Moss, MD, MPH
JoAnn Nickleach, MD


Laura Panko, MD
Kumaravel Rajakumar, MD, MS
Kristin N. Ray, MD
Evelyn C. Reis, MD
Suzanne M. Reitz, MD
Paul L. Rowland III, MD, PhD
Nader Shaikh, MD, MPH
Timothy R. Shope, MD, MPH
Dwayne T. Shuhart, MD
Douglas P. Stewart, MD
Laura K. Voigt, MD, FAAP
Katherine I. Watson, DO
Amanda Willingham, MD

Pediatrics/Hospital Medicine

Amanda W. Brown, MD
Sylvia Seung-Yun Choi, MD, FAAP
Michael J. Decker, MD
Joyce S. Leifer, MD
Andrew A. McCormick, MD
Sara C. McIntire, MD
Benjamin Miller, MD
Laura Panko, MD
Kishore Vellody, MD
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