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Hospital Externship and Job Shadow Opportunities

Growing is a part of the medical process. UPMC is here to help you grow professionally through medical externships and hospital job shadowing. These can help you get an in-depth look into a certain field, and help you decide if you want to pursue it.

In order to provide coordination of these externships or job shadowing, the student should follow the instructions provided below for their desired educational experience.

Externship Opportunities

If your college, technical school, or university is a UPMC affiliate, you are eligible to apply for an externship in one of our many departments. Externships are more than 40 hours. UPMC encourages health professionals to increase their education through student externships. Applications for an externship with UPMC will be approved only if the course of study from an education institution requires an externship for a specific period of time. Learn more about externship at UPMC.

Job Shadowing

Get a real-life glimpse at what medical professionals here do every day. Whether a student or adult looking to change careers, job shadowing can help you get an in-depth look into a certain field, and help you decide if you want to pursue it. Job shadowing is meant to be no more than 40 hours, and students should be at least 14 years old. 

Observing professionals at work can give both students searching for a career path and adults looking to change careers a real-life glimpse of a profession. Learn more about job shadowing at UPMC.

Advance Practice Students

The Physician Services division in Pittsburgh coordinates the vetting and approval at all UPMC facilities for the following types of students: Physician Assistant, Nurse Practitioner, Nurse Anesthetist, and Nurse Midwives. Students seeking one of these fields must apply here and notify the appropriate UPMC leader within the desired department, as well as the student's preceptor.

Students and schools should never cold call UPMC sites and facilities in search of rotations; these should be set up by school coordinators using previously established relationships.

Clinical Laboratory Science Program

Students wishing to apply for the Clinical Laboratory Science Program.

Lee and Bessie Graham Scholarship Application

Clinton County-area nursing students: Apply for a scholarship from the Lee and Bessie Graham Scholarship Fund.

At UPMC we offer both externship and hospital observation opportunities to help students and adults grow in the medical field.