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Dr. Yousem
Pathology Portal

The Pathology Portal is a consultation website that allows a pathologist and a clinician to send a glass slide across the internet to the department of pathology at (the) UP​MC to be read by the University of Pittsburgh pathologist and make an immediate diagnosis with that diagnosis made by a subspecialty pathologist with specific skills in the area of concern.

Subspecialty Focus

At UPMC all pathologic interpretations are by subspecialty pathologists. So a brain tumor is interpreted by a neuropathologist, a bone tumor by an orthopaedic pathologist, a heart biopsy by a cardiac pathologist. And that subspecialty pathology focus allows us to make the best diagnosis.

Personalized Diagnosis

If a clinician or a pathologist has problems with a case they can digitize the glass slide and send those digitized images to UPMC where one of our subspecialty pathologists can help them make a diagnosis.That can be enhanced through a WEBEX and if the diagnosis is rapidly made we at UPMC can also offer subspecialty tests on the material that can help the clinician develop some personalized therapy for the patient.

Global Application

The UPMC Pathology Portal is being used by pathologists around the world, pathologists in China, in Turkey, in Colorado and New York are sending us cases through the Pathology Portal to access the subspecialty pathologists and experts that we have at UPMC.​