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What People Think of UPMC Hamot Womens Hospital – Video Transcript

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The new women’s hospital means to me that it is a very exciting part of my life and with all the new facilities and equipment for me and my child it makes me feel a little bit more secure and excited to have the baby and not be so scared.

I’m truly looking forward to the opening of the Hamot Women’s Hospital.  I think it really solidifies Hamot’s commitment to women’s health.  It’s going to be great, we just can’t wait.

Our patient’s are extremely ecstatic about the opening of the women’s hospital.  They’re very excited to get over here and just see it, they’ve seen the outside, they’ve heard about it, they’ve seen our banners, I guess they’re more just hoping that it’ll open sooner rather than later.

This is the kind of thing that people dream about.  It comes along once in a career to have a situation in which you open a brand new facility with a major change in terms of the volume and the kinds of  services that you can provide.

I’ve  long said that really a very focused approach to women’s care in this region has been something that’s been long overdue.  It’s something that I think is extraordinary and will reap benefits literally for generations to come. 

I think it’s exciting both as a mother and as a patient myself.  It’s a relief in a way to know that it’s going to be available to my daughter and to any other female relatives that I may have that are going to be able to have this facility available to us, just basically right down the street.
A facility of this caliber is unparalleled in our area. We have spacious labor and delivery rooms, postpartum rooms, beautiful view of the bay, comforting, calming environment.  The Hamot Women’s Hospital offers an experience to women unlike anything they’ve ever experienced.

New procedures will be offered at this hospital that’ll save patients the time and effort to have to travel to Pittsburgh or Cleveland to get those type of services.  The patients are extremely excited but the problem that we have are those that are due that first, second week of January are anxious and hoping that they can hold off so they do have the opportunity to deliver at the new facility.

This is an investment in our future and the future of our community.  I’m very happy to have this type of healthcare facility available to my wife and my daughter.