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Information for UPMC Lititz Visitors

Information for visitors and support persons

Visitors and support persons are an essential part of healing. Learn about the most recent changes before visiting any UPMC care setting.

Information for Visitors and Support Persons

Visiting Hours at UPMC Lititz

General Visiting Hours

While patients can be visited any time, our recommended visiting hours are 8 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. The bedside nurse is the best source of information about the patient. Your family spokesperson can call the unit desk for information on the condition of your loved one. In order to protect the privacy of our patients, no information will be given out over the phone to anyone but immediate family members.

  • Intensive Care Patients: Members of the ICU staff recognize the importance of your visits for your loved one's wellbeing. They also know that you need support, reassurance and information, too. So that your loved one can get the best possible care and conditions for recovery, we offer the following guidelines for ICU visitation:
    • Reassure and touch your loved one. Even with all the equipment and activity around the patient, a reassuring touch may be just what your loved one needs. If you are fearful of disturbing the patient or the equipment that may be attached or close by, please ask a nurse for guidance.
    • Help us help your loved one. If patient care of any type is being performed, or unit activity is at a heightened level, you may be asked to leave. Your cooperation is expected and appreciated. You will be allowed to return as soon as possible.
    • Hand sanitizer is available outside each patient room.
    • Visitation is limited to two people per patient at a time.
    • Children should be at least 12 years old to visit in the ICU.
    • Please refrain from sending fresh flowers as they can introduce insects, fungal spores and molds to the unit.
    • The hospital is not responsible for personal items left behind in a patient's room.
    • Please obtain approval from a nurse before using any electrical devices within the ICU other than cell phones.
    • Exceptions to visitation guidelines may be made under certain circumstances.
    • During end-of-life care for your loved one, you will be permitted to visit at any time. We do encourage family members to go home and get proper nutrition and rest.
    • Please remain in your patient's room when visiting or in the ICU waiting room.

Visitor Guidelines

Learn more about patients and visitors code of conduct.


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